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Informed worship is sadly missing from the lives of many Christians. Most Christians have had a steady diet of fluffy contemporary Christian music that is nearly indistinguishable from popular love songs. Evangelicalism's pulpits have watered down who God really is and focus more on what He can do for you. Covenant attempts to deliver music that has the meatiness of hymns with the punch of straight-ahead rock.

Secondly, Covenant operates in a family-friendly manner. Their Debut CD took a year to record because they purposed to do it in a way that did not remove them from their families for prolonged periods. They simply trusted that the Lord would provide the time. All the guys in Covenant are married and are fathers with thirteen children between them. Two members are deacons in their church and responsible for music on a weekly basis. Three of them have home-schooling families. Life is busy!

Covenant is aware that there is a fine line between music that celebrates God and the celebration of the artist - especially Christian artists. Bands are looked up to and to some degree celebrated. Covenant seeks to deflect as much glory as they can to the Lord. If any of their music is appealing, its the Lord who gets the credit. He is the source of all things.

None of the members of Covenant are virtuosos on their respective instruments; there is nothing worthy of attention in them. The Lord is the One who deserves worship and the Glory. When one considers God, His creation, the gift of salvation and what heaven will be like, stringing some chords together, writing some lyrics and even recording a CD are less then nothing.

But ideal music should fix the mind upon the Lord, not the artist. This is exactly what Covenant seeks to do. And they don't want to sing about who THEY think God is, but what His word declares about himself. "Don't want to be a loose cannon!"

Soli Deo Gloria



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