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The members of Covenant have a desire to know God's Word. Christianity is slowing discarding the Bible for the sake of unity and in the name of church growth. As post-modern thought creeps into Western culture, and in turn the church, many of the presuppositions on which Christianity is based are eroding away. Posted here are some of the most life-changing sermons of all time. In these messages are biblical concepts with which most Christians are sadly unfamiliar. Unless Christians get grounded once again in the doctrines found in the pages of the Bible, evangelicalism will fall from within and the dying world will have no light nor salt.

We hope you will take time to listen. God bless you!

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Refuting the Feel-Good Gospel
John MacArthur spells out just exactly what the gospel is and isn't. This sermon will shed light on how man-centered evangelicalism has become. This sermon will shock you and refocus you on the supremacy of the biblical gospel - the power of God unto salvation. A must-listen for every believer.

The Battle for the Bible
Phil Johnson shows how the church's distaste for anything that smacks of doctrine is as egregious as dismissing the Bible as a bunch of fairly tales. He clearly defines the ways in which "sola scriptura" is being eliminated by the intellectually lazy and biblically illiterate church. Apathy and poor teaching are dooming the church to repeat heresies that are centuries old. Like it or not, it is the "D" word (doctrine) on which our faith is based. This is a fast-moving, easily-grasped message.

A More Sure Word
Phil Johnson provides crystal-clear, biblical teaching on how God speaks to us. He dispels the ever-growing belief that Christians get direct revelation from God by means of impressions, "checks of the spirit", "a fresh word" and other unbiblical ways. Increasingly, Christians seek to learn God's will in regard to life-decisions not in the pages of God's complete revelation ( the Bible), but by means of emotions and impressions. Phil Johnson shows how this widely accepted, yet new-age practice borders on divination. Every Christian should listen!
The Narrow Path
Paul Washer stuns several thousand teenagers at a Southern Baptist youth convention. You can hear a pin drop as Paul rebukes the audience and explains what it means to be on the narrow path. Do you measure your walk with Christ by what others look like, or by the Word? This sermon is especially relevant for teens but adults have also been moved to tears and repentance. Please take the time to listen.
Who is Jesus and why should I care?
John MacArthur gives the quintessential message on why Jesus Christ is the most important figure in all of human history. If you are not a Christian this, of all the sermons here, is the one to listen to.