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"Your Word is settled, now settle it in me.
I won’t try to find Your will for me in all I hear and see. Forgive me for looking for signs while ignoring Your Book. There’s no other place that I need to look;

I don’t want to be a loose cannon."

Loose Cannon
List Price: $15.00 USD   Released August 16th 2006 

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Track Listing:

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1. Due His Name


2. Loose Cannon Listen
3. Thank You Listen
4. Inside Out Listen
5. Superstar Listen
6. I Will Praise You Listen
7. Broadgate Listen
8. Glory Listen
9. In Control Listen
10. Because of You Listen
11. Happiness Listen
12. Fixed on You Listen
13. Not Like Us Listen



Loose Cannon - Review
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Covenant is Brian Workman, Erik Johansen, Dan Rathbun and Charlie Crane. Covenant has made a quality pop-rock CD that not only centers on Christ, but emphasizes Biblical Christianity. In fact, the title of the disc, "Loose Cannon" is very representative and thematic of the entire album. Songwriter and band architect Charlie Crane hammers home a Bible-only Christianity that many will find blunt and less in line with the feel-good gospel which has replaced old-time Truth. Content wise, Covenant realizes the potential of their early demos.

"Due His Name" opens the collection with Crane and crew painting with an early 1980's hard rock brush. Crane's lyrics expose American Christianity; it's decadent acceptance of all the good, without the realization of where it comes from. Our lack of godly respect is remarkable, isn't it? The song's guitar solo (performed by Crane) is more than filler, it's the glue for the bridge and gives the song more of a flow.

"Loose Cannon" begins with an odd ping-pong ball sound, followed by some
crisp acoustic playing. Crane's lyric is a bare assessment of where we find our Help-and that's God's Word. Crane's insistence on obedience to God and Biblical purity makes for music the pulls no punches. "God's will is on the page, not in the heart or head..." Ouch! That smarts, but the Truth often does! I loved the wah-wah guitar solo that gives the song it's own fingerprint.

"Thank You" is a straight forward praise tune that is catchy enough to leave an imprint inside the "that song is playing in my head" part of the brain. A fuzzy background guitar/keyboard make nice canvas for a bouncy acoustic hook that hooks you in.

"Inside Out" is turbo-charged, highway driving, air-guitaring, lip-synching pop-rock at
it's finest. "Evil's there with me..." exclaims Crane who needs Jesus to toss him a life preserver, as we all do! The rhythm guitar on this song could be one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

"Superstar" finds the whole band being utilized with great precision. Erik Johansen (drums) infuses "Superstar" with a backbeat worthy of Crane's layered guitar sound wall, and Dan Rathbun's keyboard fills. Again, Crane's guitar solo is impressive and adds more dimension to the song. Subject matter; love God where you are, and don't worry about being the best, just be good for the Lord!

"I Will Praise You" is a wonderful praise song that I swear someone else had to have written. But alas, Charlie Crane has written a gem of pure worship. Nice job, Charlie.

"Broadgate" is a scary song, that for some reason, makes me ponder hell like few other songs I've heard. It's music is dark and brooding, with angry guitars and Erik Johansen scalding the drum kit. Don't open the broad gate... a warning we should all heed with urgency.

"Glory" is a very introspective look at God's glory and what our eternal focus should be.

"In Control" could be my personal favorite Covenant song as it's mid-tempo melody and smart lyric make for a memorable voyage. "You are over all and I can trust in are in control". I love Charlie's vocal as it continues to improve and feels very in control on "In Control". Also, the song contains a very cool, bare, acoustic break. Perfectly executed pop-rock.

"Because Of You" utilizes the trademark Covenant guitar layering as it tells the story of Jesus and what he's done for us.

"Happiness" is the popiest Covenant song on the collection and could easily be a CCM hit single. The content isn't quite as theologically potent as the rest of the album, but certainly tells the gospel tale in a firm, praiseworthy fashion. Dan Rathbun's keyboard sound reminds me of "You Are The Girl" by the Cars featuring Greg Hawkes. Just some useless '80's flashing-back by the reviewer...sorry.

"Fixed On You" is a devastatingly true lyric that catches the listener off guard with it's veneer finish and honest transparency. The simplicity of Crane's lesson in "duh" makes for some great drama and should convict the listener of various sins. Crane's vocal here is as good as it's ever been.

"Not Like Us" wraps up "Loose Cannon" on an upbeat note. The song is a trademark reminder and a Biblical checklist of who Christ is. By finishing with this rocker, Covenant makes a case for boldness and lasting impressions. And that's likely what "Loose Cannon" will do-leave lasting impressions. It will also put you in touch with God's handbook-The Bible!

Covenant has staked out it's charge to Biblical literacy and accountability. You often hear how Christians shouldn't hit non-believers over the head with the Bible. But why not hit so-called believers over the head? I say, amen to that. As a musical work, "Loose Cannon" is surprisingly satisfying and captures the essence of power chord laden pop. Tom Sholtz would likely be impressed with Crane's one-man production and fluid guitar work. For an indie project, the production values are sky high. This will play fine on a boom-box or in surround sound. God has blessed these boys with tremendous gifts. "Loose Cannon" is an offering back to God, and the music will bring more fame and glory to the Man who went Calvary for you and I. Super well done, boys! Five stars!

David J.
Host of the Solid Rock Cafe
90.1FM WYCM Radio