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29 Nov 2004

Hey - I checked out your website, and I downloaded Inside Out... very cool! Do I hear some Schenker influence in that solo?? :-)

Chris Logan
The Michael Schenker Group

30 Dec 2004

yo, yo , yo!!! charlie c. waz up dog? great site. i have added you to my blog roll under worship. you're music is inspirational and anointed.



24 Jan 2005

Hi Guys I finally was able to get on your site after numerous issues with my network connection. My man Eric asked me to listen to some of your work and talk to our music committee at my church in Yarmouth about a possible future gig here. The site was great and the music sounded great. I'll talk to the folks up here and give Eric a holler about setting up a date. God Bless you guys. Stay off the waves Eric!! I'll be in touch. Ross

07 Feb 2005

Hi, Brian! Great site, and great commitment to God's Word. Scott McDonald, Poulsbo WA

07 Feb 2005

Hi Guys, I'm Brian's FAVORITE sister-in-law in Colorado. Best of luck with the group. Jo

19 Feb 2005

BANGEE MUSIC Hi, this is a website called BANGEE MUSIC located in Japan. We are searching indie-musicians who provide us your songs. After we gather your music, we provide them to many Japanese listeners. If you are interested in our site, please email us! Hope your reply!!

23 Mar 2005

This is my first visit. I was unaware of this site until today 3-23.I am proud to say I know the bass player personally. He is doing a great work for GOD. I dig the bb he is holding. (blue bass) I believe the bb is his new bass. I got a kick out of the picture of him wearing the t-shirt with WV written. May God Bless this group as you spread THE WORD through music. In case you are wondering how I know Brian, well I was there in the beginning. His mom. Sandy Workman

23 Mar 2005

Hello Guys just read your website, i find it interesting. i am very interested in your bass player. i am really proud of him. i wish i could play as good as he can. he is really a blessing to me. may GOD richly bless you all in your ministry for him. Be praying for you. Brian's dad

24 Mar 2005

Hi guys! I just checked out your website- very cool!! I enjoyed reading the bios on each band member. It is testimony to the fact that God leads and guides our life's steps! Hope to hear you guys in a gig someday...why don't you book a few gigs in Colorado?? :) Susie Maddocks March 24, 2005

25 Mar 2005

Dear Charlie, I stopped by because I saw the notice on the church site that you were playing!! I am so thankful for you and proud of you! You are a wonderful example to your children! You and Elaine are such blessings to me. Love, Mom Give my love to the other guys, too.

25 Mar 2005

Hey Dan - Just wanted to say hello. I haven't spoken to you in a very long time. Mike sent me the web site, which looks and sounds great, and I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. Gregg

25 Mar 2005

I know Brian! He's a man of God indeed! We've traded places playing bass in one of our common houses of worship. He's told me about this site and I visit occasionally.....mostly to reassure me how much more handsome a guy I am than he. (lol) (just kidding Brian) Best wishes and blessings to all. Arthur Minasian <>< <>< <><

02 Apr 2005

Still the best site on the planet T

23 Apr 2005

Hello: I'd like to meet you all sometime....can you use a free roadie/soundguy at your gigs? regards Bill from Rutland

09 May 2005

good site, thank you!

16 May 2005

Hey, guys. Great Site. I'm a lifetime friend of your rockin' drummer. Hey Jo. What's up? Hope to make it to one of your gigs soon. Way to use your talents and gifts in his service. May God continue to bless you. - Tim H

20 May 2005

Hi - Well laid-out site! Solid lyrics - refreshing. Favorites: "I Will Praise You" and "Not Like Us". Wailin' guitars in some of your songs - cool! From Fellowship Bible Church down in NJ - Terry sent me the site. Maybe we'll see you guys here soon! God be with you, --Todd Dennison

26 May 2005

Covenant rocks!! What? Covenant rocks!!!

14 Jun 2005

Covenant combines godly praise and early '80's pop-rock sensibilities. The songwriting is top notch. Their gifts are many. I hope God continues to use this band to reach a lost and dying Massachusetts... David J

22 Aug 2005

Hi Mr. Crane and band, This is Samantha from AWANA camp. I absolutely love your songs. They are so touching. Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing much more from you. May God bless you and keep you.

08 Feb 2006

Nice site - Charlie, it was good to see you at Congress. See you on a Thursday this summer! Pastor Russ Somers CT

11 Mar 2006

I typed in Erik Johansen (my name) and got this web site. I play drums for Niacin Flush a rock band full of believers in Nashville. I also attend and play drums for "The Point" a church in Memphis. thought it interesting to find you but not surprising knowing the God we serve.


02 May 2006

Hi Mr. Crane. This is Craig. I don't know if you remember me or not. I attended scholarship camp. I played the guitar.. yeah well, I think your album's sample thing rocks. You are great on the guitar. I was wondering were I could get a copy... Thanks to the rest of you. You guys sound good too... lol thanks, in Christ,
Craig Borghesani

10 Aug 2006

I stopped by to see what the band has been doing. I was amazed to see an album out and I even listened to a couple songs. (me listening is the amazing part. Brian can tell you, I'm proud to be a Heathen.) Anyway, you guys sound great. Keep up the good work. Jo

15 Aug 2006

Will come to the concert at Clinton on Friday!

15 Aug 2006


18 Aug 2006

Hey uncle Dan-- The CD is sweet!!!! You should see me dancing in my kitchen last night... (!___!) (=^.^=) (")___(") XOXO, Christiana

18 Aug 2006

I just got the CD! Great pictures and format! What I've heard of it is great! I think the keyboardist is cool. Andrew O.

21 Aug 2006

I like your music. Makes me think about life. You probably already know it, but there is another well known electronic band with the same name. Also a metal band 'Kovenant'. Quite confusing. Keep up the good work! Peter (Belgium)

23 Aug 2006

Great Album. We are all enjoying the music!! Jeff O'Brien and Family (I think Dan knows us)

24 Aug 2006

Hey Erik! Long time my friend!!!!! Johnny gave me your website info so I had to say hi. I'm really happy for you that things are going good. I'm looking forward to hearing your music. Be good! Mike Pemberton

04 Sep 2006

Keep on rocking for the Lord and spreading the good news about Him, dudes. May He bless you guys with plentiful success. Good luck guys. God Bless Ron King

09 Sep 2006

What's refreshing about Covenant is that they play music that truly honors the Bible. There is no mincing words with this band. Great music, great God.

16 Sep 2006

Hi All, I thought I had signed your guestbook in the past, but reading through it, I guess not. Keep up the good work. May the LORD bless you abundantly in all areas of your lives and your families. Deb Proverbs 3:5-6

19 Sep 2006

HEY CHARLIE, I got a chance to listen through your CD again on the way home from New Hampshire. I love the God-centered lyrics. Keep it up! (thanks for doing sound the other night too... God has gifted you in so many ways) Jonathan - ARISE

20 Sep 2006

You guys sound great! I like that Superstar song! God bless you. - Hildegunn -----Norway

20 Sep 2006

I love what you stand for! Keep praising HIM! - Gina -----South Carolina

20 Sep 2006

Hey guys. Your music ROCKS! (LOVIN IT) God bless! - Sue -----Melbourne, Australia

20 Sep 2006

I love your music. Its inspiring! - Joanne --------Valley Springs, California

20 Sep 2006

You guys are awesome! Keep on spreading God's love. Jess from Canada

20 Sep 2006

Love the new song "Happiness"! God bless the work you are doing! Aurora from Houston, TX

27 Sep 2006

Hey!! I love your music!! ROCK ON & GOD BLESS!! Amber Rose - Fulton, Missouri

01 Oct 2006

Guys, The music and message hit me just when I needed it, and I keep going back to "I will praise you" and "Fixed on you." I'm looking forward to the real life version on Friday night! -John Healy, Amherst

05 Oct 2006

Your music is great! Keep serving GOD our Father...In Christ...Gary - Dunn, North Carolina

05 Oct 2006

I think it's great how you're using your talents to glorify God! Kris from Florida

06 Oct 2006

Great sound. God bless your ministry!!! Maribel, New York

12 Oct 2006

"AMEN!! I am seriously encouraged and edified by the little ditty about who you guys are and what your focus is! Indeed music should not only amuse the ears, but hit the heart, and BIBLICALLY! Everything you wrote on the page is so refreshing. It's tragic how off base "worship" music can be these days, and how shallow much of evangelical Christianity is. I'm glad you made yourself known via MySpace, and pray that truly God's nearness will be your good, that His provision will be evidently precise and fully trusted in by each of you and your families!! His blessing is upon you, upon us in Christ, how truly privileged, right?! "
Megan - California

12 Oct 2006

I love your heart for Christ. God bless your ministry! Jennifer Shaw - Columbus, OH

12 Oct 2006

Your music is fabulous! My family listens primarily to Contemporary Christian but recently songs have been indiscernible as to their genre. It is great to hear some true CHRISTIAN music! Will definitely be ordering your album soon! -Chelle

14 Oct 2006

"But ideal music should fix the mind upon the Lord, not the artist. This is exactly what Covenant seeks to do. And they don't want to sing about who THEY think God is, but what His word declares about himself. Don't want to be a loose cannon!"

Well put! Keep on rockin' for JESUS! God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and your families and bring you PEACE!
~Q~ from Texas

18 Oct 2006

I can't wait to see you guys play. Keep serving the Lord! Tiffany

19 Oct 2006

Hey guys...Keep up the great songs and ministry! It rocks! - Adam Mast

21 Oct 2006

Your music is perfect at such a time as this. Thank you for honoring the Lord in such a precious way. Christina _Little Falls, NJ

27 Oct 2006

I love your music! Hey, if you are ever in the central Florida area, our church has bands come and play the third Saturday of every month (except Dec.) in what we call Culture Shock. You can check it out on my space at "cultureshockharvest". Hope to see you live! Keep rockin! God bless - Dana

27 Oct 2006

Your music is very encouraging... May the Lord Bless you all.. Have a blessed day...Moua Gurilo - Stockton, CA

07 Nov 2006

I just want to let you know that I am praying for your ministry. I pray it also that it touches more people each day for the KINGDOM of GOD. keep up the music. GOD BLESS all of YOU and your FAMILIES as well. -Sonny from Vallejo,CA

07 Nov 2006

You guys Rock!! God bless. Catie in Australia

07 Nov 2006

Hi Guys, I am honored to be able to listen to your music and praise. God has gifted you. You are unique in sound. That is what tugs at the ear and soul. Your feelings come through your voice. Amazingly beautiful. May you continue your ministry with a blessed heart. Keep your wonderful talent flowing to the people. God Bless! -Rosie Lynn . Malibu, CA

07 Nov 2006

Hey guys! Just stopping by to show some support for your wonderful ministry! Keep spreading the Good News of our Lord and Savior! I love the music, and best of all, how it glorifies our wonderful God! Grace and Peace to ya'll! Roy - from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

09 Nov 2006

I love your music, and with all my heart pray you can reach every person in the world through it. I hope everyday brings you more blessings. Wendy - New Jersey

10 Nov 2006

I am praying that you touch many people with the good news of our Merciful Lord, Jesus Christ!! Woo! Amen.......Justin Kring / Sherman Oaks, CA

12 Nov 2006

I love your beautiful worship music! Keep up the great work for the Lord. You are in my prayers. ..Monica / San Diego, CA

21 Nov 2006

Hey just stoppin' by to show some encouragement! you guys rock! keep up God's work! I hope you all have blessed holiday's with all your family. God bless ....Megan - Ballston Spa, NY